Memories from the Greenkeeper’s Granddaughter

Jocelyn Abrahams has distinct memories of her grandparents, Fred and Evelyn Pordage. She remembers that her grandfather was a hard worker and her grandmother was the lynchpin of a family that was always close.

Drama, dreams and determination

If you ask Jess Norris what she’s been doing with herself lately, don’t expect a typical answer – unless your definition of ‘typical’ for an 18 year old is studying full time, starring in a major musical production and working, all while spending time with her friends and foster carers and living independently at Wesley Mission Brisbane’s Logan Youth Foyer.

Pam and John’s Cruise of a Lifetime

Pam and John Stephens aren’t the type to let a few obstacles get in the way of a good celebration – and John’s 70th birthday has proven to be the perfect example.

The new John Wesley Gardens employs innovative design

In June Wesley Mission Brisbane will celebrate the reopening of the John Wesley Gardens aged care community after an extensive redevelopment.